About US

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Telescope Animation specializes in the development and production of animated feature films, series and games for the global market.

We are passionate storytellers and invite audiences of all ages to see the world through a different lens.

The company is based in Berlin.


Our Team

Meet the Telescopes!


reza memari

Screenwriter, Director, CEO and Co-Founder

Reza is a screenwriter and director. He has an extensive background in film editing, entertainment marketing and games development and co-founded Telescope Animation as a development and production company for media content for global audiences. Reza wrote, co-directed and edited the critically acclaimed and commercially successful animated feature film A STORK’S JOURNEY. He is a member of the European Film Academy, European Animation Awards, AG Animation, and German Children’s Film Association.


maite woköck

Producer and Co-Founder

Maite has extensive experience in animated feature film production, development and financing. Her credits (for Ulysses Filmproduktion) include ALL CREATURES BIG AND SMALL, THE FLIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, LITTLE BROTHER, BIG TROUBLE: A CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE and many more. Maite is a representative of WIFT (Women in Film and Television) Germany, a member of the Producer's Alliance Germany, German Children’s Film Association, EWA (European Women's Audiovisual Network), and a graduate of EAVE.


Henner merle

Legal Expert and Co-Founder

Henner is a legal expert and knows the special professional situation of creatives also from own experience as a gallery owner. He was legal adviser of the Screenwriters Guild of Germany (VDD) and focuses on cinematic and copyright law. He has negotiated contracts with many film producers, broadcasters and publishers, always with a focus on bringing creative processes to a mutual success of the contractors through well-balanced contracts.


Ulla ziemann

Screenwriter and Co-Founder

Ulla studied in Plymouth, UK, and Munich. From 1997, she worked as a senior script editor at GREENLIGHT MEDIA AG on the development of animated series and feature films. Since 2001, she works as an independent author, dramaturg and script doctor in Berlin and writes and supervises both animation and live-action projects for TV and cinema. She consulted Reza on his first animated feature script A STORK’S JOURNEY. Her first novel was published in 2014. 


roshanak behesht-nedjad

Producer and Co-Founder

Roshanak has been working as a producer for almost 20 years. Her films have received over 30 int. awards, among them the Golden Lola & the Prix Europe. In 2012 she also launched a games company, winning the German Computer Games Award - Best Serious Game in 2016. Roshanak is also an expert to various institutions such as EAVE. She is a member of both the German & the European Film Academy, an EAVE graduate and group leader.